Core values

1.    Family Atmosphere….. (Mark 3:35) At Crossroads you will experience a family atmosphere where people can feel a part of something special. To give people a sense of belonging and a place to find purpose in life. A place where authentic connections can be made through Crossroads connection groups. Where people can develop lasting relationships and celebrate each other.


2.    Real & Relevant…..To be a place of transparency and empowerment. To create an environment that connects people first to God, then to each other. A place where you can share life experiences and do life’s journey together.  


3.    Serve with Compassion….. (Matthew 14:13-18) To serve the area God has assigned to us with compassion. We want to help others find their passion spot for ministry and equip them to serve. To actually make a “DIFFERENCE” in our area, not just talk about it. To provide outreaches and in-reaches based upon the needs of the people in the community.


4.    Powerful & Spiritual Growth….. (Hebrews 13:8 & Philippians 1:6) We still believe that Jesus can really do all things, especially change lives. We desire to help people take the responsibility to grow spiritually in God. Our desire is to educate, equip, and help people be engaged with growth in God.


5.    Fun & Enjoyable….. (Proverbs 17:22) Church really should be the highlight of the week for people, not just one more thing we have to do.  Let’s enjoy this life we have been given through Jesus. Church should always be an up – lifting experience. Hey, it’s okay to laugh in church and have a great time….really it is!